School Birthday Policy2017-2018

Birthday treats may be brought to school for students in Grades Pre-K through Grade 8. Early Childhood students may enjoy the treat during snack. Grades 1 to 8 may enjoy the treat during lunch. It is requested that birthday treats be already prepared in original packaging in individual servings. All treats should be MINIMAL and NUTRITOUS. For the safety of all students, homemade treats cannot be brought, given out or consumed in school. The school nurse and teacher has the right to not allow a treat to be served that does not comply with these guidelines. Candy is not permitted. Balloons, party favors and the like are not permitted.
Birthdays may be celebrated in school, provided the parent requested permission ahead of time. At least one week prior to the event, the parent of the birthday child must communicate to the school nurse through email exactly what is to be served. The nurse will then contact the families of those students with allergies.
Students will be permitted to wear non-uniform clothes on their birthday (Please see non-uniform guidelines).
Invitations for out of school parties may not be given out in school.