Practice your math skills at:

Practice your multiplication skills at these fun websites:

Want to challenge your multiplication skills? Try these websites:

Practice your subtraction with regrouping at this website:
*Remember...only regroup when absolutely necessary! After you click "play now," choose subtraction and 3 or 4 digits!

Practice your rounding skills at this fun website:

Need to practice place values? Try Place Value Pirates! (Make sure you play the game WITHOUT decimals!):

Practice putting numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least... CHALLENGE yourself by selecting numbers under 10,000:

Pretend you work in a store and make change for customers:

Practice graphing at this fun website:

Practice measuring at this fun website (We use the medium level in school):

Challenge yourself with this tricky liquid capacity game:

Practice telling time and elapsed time at these websites:

Want to play Sudoku online? Remember to select 9x9 "easy"!

*Remember to practice your flashcards each night and record them on your calendar!

Practice long division

It's time to practice your fractions! Ready, set, go!’s+Pizza+Parlour

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